Nobody Likes the Star Wars Prequels and Disney Knows It

One of the striking features of what Disney’s done so far with Star Wars since they took over is the near complete abandoning of the prequel era as not only the default era — as it has been for years — but even as coequal with the Original Trilogy.

Disney appears to recognize what Star Wars fans long have, but Lucas never did: the prequels were failures not just as films and as stories, but as collections of characters and as world-building as well. For people who love Star Wars, the prequels just aren’t Star Wars. Not really, not deep down. And the characters who populate them aren’t interesting enough to carry the franchise — even acknowledging that the Clone Wars wasn’t terrible.

Which is why it’s so freshening to see Disney say — with the new films, with the comics, and the books, and Star Wars Rebels — “We hear you, we get it, too. Star Wars is the Rebellion Era and always has been.”