Our Presidential Derangement

Let's remember how we got here. A sufficiently large group of Americans felt their voices had for too long been ignored. By policy makers, by the media, by the coastal and urban elites. They insisted that America was no longer great because these influential people were, in fact, fools who don’t know what it takes to run the country.

In short, these Americans believed they knew better than the elites, were smarter than the elites, and in most cases were more moral than the costal enclaves.

So they voted for Donald Trump.

At the time, we elites, across the political spectrum, were pretty vocal that this man, regardless of his policy proposals, lacked the basic cognitive capabilities to be president. But that was brushed away, as his support rose, as sour grapes. We elites were just upset that Trump was showing us up, with his savvy and business acumen, with his ability to to shake things up in Washington. We know better than you was the refrain from Trump's supporters. We can judge who's the smartest guy in the room.

It's that I kept finding myself reminded of as I read about Trump's extraordinary exchange with the Australian Prime Minister. Here is clear and incontrovertible evidence that Trump simply isn't smart enough to be president. I encourage you to read it. The Prime Minister tells him again and again about the basics of a policy and Trump just can't understand it. Not in an "I'm incredulous" way, but in that it's just over his head. The transcript is like arguments I've had on Facebook with someone very sure they're right, but without the working knowledge or skills to even really participate in the conversation. To my mind, this transcript may be the single most troubling leak of Trump's six months in office. It's one of those rare instances where I hate being proved right.

Now for some updates:

  • August 16th will be a big day for Libertarianism.org. We're bringing to the site a resource I've been trying to get since before it launched, over five years ago. I was finally able to make it happen, and anyone interested in the ideas and history behind libertarianism is gonna love it. Stay tuned.

  • Next week will mark the 200th episode of Free Thoughts. Which is pretty crazy, and difficult for me to wrap my head around. To celebrate, the episode will feature our producer, Tess Terrible, interviewing Trevor and me about how we got into libertarianism, why we started Free Thoughts, our process for interviewing, and much else. We record that one early next week. It should be a lot of fun.

Talk to you next week. Or sooner, if you want to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.