Has There Ever Been a Box Office Smash Scifi Movie With Less Cultural Impact Than Avatar?

http://avaretarded.deviantart.com/art/Na-vi-Costume-No-edit-306654733 We’re on our way to four(!) Avatar sequels, which is probably the same as number of people excited about Avatar sequels. It’s pretty striking, really, how quickly Avatar vanished from the public consciousness. The movie came out at the end of 2009, and in the years since, we’ve seen really no lasting attempts to […]

Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition is a good movie

I never saw Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice during its theatrical run. I saw reviews, the scathing piling on that had DC partisans crying conspiracy, claiming the only way the critics could say it was that bad was if they were on the Disney take. I assumed the movie was bad. And maybe it […]