Free Speech and the Whims of College Kids

Hadley is still a child, and so administrators should listen to her, but they should’ve give her an equal say in the institution. When I was in middle school, my history class staged a walkout. I don’t recall the reasons, but I’m sure at the time we all thought them righteous and just. I’m also […]

College, Political Correctness, and Intellectual Stasis

I loved college. Taking classes and monopolizing professor office hours is about as ideal a life as I can imagine. But it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that I got out at the right time. I saw none of this new wave of political correctness when I was a student — and I went to the University […]

People Don’t Owe You Money Just Because You Think You’re Awesome

Sorry, but it’s true. Erin Biba doesn’t get paid much when she writes for online outlets and she’s pretty sure that’s other peoples’ fault. In a very silly essay at Medium, Biba explains how her “talent, critical thinking, ability to ask the right questions, and skill in explaining super complex topics”—presumably developed during her “$60,000 graduate […]