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My new, and more active, newsletter.

It’s been a while.

I obviously haven’t been terribly active on this newsletter, for reasons. Some of it’s the pandemic and the kids’ remote learning, which have made the focus necessary for writing somewhat more fleeting. But also, what writing I have accomplished has been focused elsewhere. Chiefly, my new project, The Free Market Buddhist.

As I’ve discussed a bit in prior issues of this newsletter, I got quite into Buddhist philosophy four or so years ago, and the intellectual obsession hasn’t let up. Recently, my thoughts turned to the ways Buddhist ideas mesh with and potentially support the libertarian political philosophy that’s been my career for eleven years. As I explored more in this direction, I was surprised at just how friendly the early Buddhist texts are to not just to non-violence and the dignity of the individual—because that’s kind of Buddhism’s brand—but to commerce and limited government, too.

The compatibility is so strong, in fact, that I’m somewhat shocked there isn’t more explicitly libertarian Buddhist writing out there. So I decided to do something about it. Hence The Free Market Buddhist. Right now it’s a new newsletter, and a more active one, where I dig into Buddhist ideas in the context of a commitment to an open and prosperous society. It’ll also eventually be a book of the same name.

My goal is to make the newsletter and the book of interest to Buddhists but accessible and interesting to non-Buddhists, as well. In encourage you to check it out.

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